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Thomas McDonnell

Age: 16
The thing you're most looking forward to:
The food and listening to pierce McConnell’s brutal tunes on the combys 
What will you miss most about home?:
My we brother Martin but can’t wait to get away from him at the same time 
Belfast 2 Blanco
Describe yourself in three words?:
Outgoing, Grumpy, Fussy
Who is always late to group?:
Jenny beggs without a doubt she’d be late to her own funeral if she had her way
Who is the biggest spoofer in group, and what is their spoof?:
Probably myself I just talk keek constantly, prob the excuses I make in group 
What makes your team unique?:
What makes our team unique would have to be the amount of boys compared to girls, although there’s only me and mooney we all still have good crack and I wouldn’t change anyone in the group for anyone else in RCITY
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