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#B2B2022: Roise Thompson Blog

My Africa journey so far has been heartbreaking but also heartwarming. This place is the most surreal place I’ve ever seen the pictures and videos don’t do it any justice at all. The conditions these kids live in is eye opening, they’re houses are the size of my living room, and the entire family is sharing this one same space. It really does put life into perspective for all of the team, as back home we complain over the silliest things such as tvs not being big enough or needing new clothes and shoes. Meanwhile, some kids over here don’t even have a pair of shoes to wear and walk through glass and muck everyday. It's heartbreaking.

Although these kids live like this they are the most happiest, loving and caring people ever all they want is a hug and a bit of affection. Watching the kids run after the combi when they see us is so heart warming as it goes to show how much b2b mean to them.

I’ve made a connection with a girl called Bree, Bree doesn’t speak much English but the much love she gives me is crazy. Every day we drive in to the township regardless if it is the valley or the scheme Bree is waiting for me getting off, she runs straight over n swings her arms around me. The tightness of her hugs shows that she doesn’t get much attention at home. During our second day on the township me and Bree were just sitting on the grass, I looked down to her n seen that she had fell asleep, the happiness this gives me is unbelievable as it shows how comfortable and happy Bree was to fall asleep on my chest, she felt safe.

Today was day 4 and we went to visit the old peoples home it was so overwhelming seeing all the old people and hearing about there lives. There was this one woman who I spent my time with here, she was in a wheelchair and was talking to me outside about her children and how her daughter was coming to visit her today she was so excited to see her. She spoke so highly of all her children and was speaking about how proud she was of them. Towards the end of our time in the old peoples home there was live music, juice and cakes getting shared around for the old people, they all seemed to have a very good time and majority of them were up dancing or just dancing in their wheelchair this was amazing, it is likely to be the most fun they’ve had in a while.

To finish off already an overwhelming day we had a debrief, during this we spoke about regrets that we had in the past and how we feel that they have had an impact on us. By the time this debrief was finished there was not a dry eye in all of the beach, everyone jumped right into the debrief with two feet which is really what this journey is all about. After the debrief I feel like we are a family, we are able to open up and support one another which is amazing.

A quote that I best feels summarises my journey is and my learning in South Africa is;

"If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more”

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