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#B2B2022: Leah Douglas Blog

Where can i even start to explain the journey B2B has given me over the last 10 days, it has been unbelievable it’s honestly left me speechless. These last two weeks have honestly been the best days of my life from exploring the townships to seeing the personal lives of some of the residents living in the scheme and valley has been an overwhelming experience and educational for my team and I.

Throughout this journey i have learnt a lot about myself and gained a lot more self awareness and self worth, its also gave me a inside look to the real importance of living life to the fullest as these kids really do. They may not have phones and material things but they show how much u truly don’t need them to be happy and have fun. It shocked me entering these townships to see the unhuman conditions these poor people live in, especially when every single one would welcome u into their homes with open arms even if they didnt have the room or money to do so. These people are the nicest and most caring souls i have ever met and they’ve gave me a more open minded look on life and how grateful i should be for the things i have back home, even a hug or the smallest bit of attention and how lucky i really am.

Today was are last day in the townships and it was honestly such a surreal day for us all, we first went to the community hall to wait on the children getting out of school which was a nice morning to chill with the team. We then made are way up to golden valley creche to play with the kids etc. i got to see my we mate Shayden who is a 4 year old boy ive made the strongest and most loving connection with. He speaks no english and doesnt understand when i speak to him but he copies little things i say and has the most beautiful smile which lights up my day when i see him. Shaydens made this journey so much more special to me, he may be young but hes left a special place in my heart forever, i love everything about him i cant even pick out one thing special about this boy as everything about him is special to me. Auntie leah loves you forever and i hope i can come back one day to see how much youve grew.

After the creche we went to the school to pick up the rest of the kids whos eyes beamed when they seen the B2B team had arrived, we played games then continued on to the valley where we spent the rest of the day playing with the kids and spending are last moments enjoying every second with them. After a while of playing it was time to say goodbye and it broke all our hearts.

Saying goodbye to Shayden and Keisha had both them and me in tears, for me it was hard because it could be the last time i could ever see them and also to think what might happen to them whilst were gone as they live in such terrible conditions while i fly home to a clean house and a room bigger than there own homes. it was a really hard day but even as i knew we were all going home it didnt stop me from making it the best day i couldve possibly had with my wee mates. After the valley we had a debrief were we reflected on our time in blanco and to say are thank yous and goodbyes to this unreal place thatll forever hold a piece of my heart.

We were then suprised with kids one last time at the community hall which really uplifted my mood as i got to see shayden one last time before saying goodbye forever, we played games and danced and eventually it was time to leave for real. I said my last goodbyes to shayden and keisha which was devastating to see them so upset, but knowing how upset they were showed how much of an impact i made on these kids for the short two weeks i was with them and also the impact they made on me, i would do it all over again in a heartbeat. ill hold blanco and these kids in my heart and a piece of my heart will also stay here forever.

“Help where you can, love where you can, give what you can”

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