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For me the journey didn’t feel real until we got to George and were driving into the scheme, kids were screaming “B2B” everywhere and some had even stayed of school because they knew the team was coming that day. When they chased the combi’s and heard them screaming that’s when you realised all the group sessions and fundraising was all over and we were actually in South Africa ready to start an amazing journey. On the first day going into the township I was nervous even though I had already been in last year with the My Choice programme. When we got into the scheme on the first day we met aunt abeil and she gave us a tour of the scheme. Seeing the conditions people were living in was scary because you wouldn’t think someone could live that way. Seeing kids running around with ripped tops and bottoms and a lot of them not even wearing shoes was scary to see, especially for all the age of some of the kids. The past week we have done loads from being in the townships, going to church, making food and building a shelter for the soup kitchen for the winter weather. One of the kids I made a connection with was called tiffany and she was from the scheme. At the start she was shy and always hiding behind her big sister but as the days passed she started talking more and more. The feeling of the team is unreal from the very start, there was no one holding back and everyone gave there all. The team grew stronger and stronger every day and when we faced something difficult we always found a way to overcome it. The language barrier was a big obstacle most of us faced and entertaining large numbers of kids for a long time. SA has taught the team about taking things for granted such as family or a warm meal because in the township there is people that don’t have much family left or some nights don’t get a meal One of the differences between Belfast and South Africa is that when you are walking around everyone is always waving or having a smile on their face and you don’t even no who these people are, but you find yourself waving back or smiling back. Although there are differences, you also realise there are similarities between the two because you realise seeing these people in the townships struggling and you think about the people in you own community also struggling. Maybe the conditions aren’t on the same level but there is still people struggling to keep up with their bills, afford their children and buying food to feed their family. I think the learning I will take home with me would be to appreciate and realise how important time is and how important making time for your loved one’s actually is. Also how it is important just talking to someone and giving them your time can actually mean so much to them 

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