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From hanging out with the team to playing with the kids and constructing a new home for a family in one of the townships, B2B has been a true epoch of which I will never forget. It has been a great honour to work with such a passionate team of people. Even though we’ve been together for only one week, it feels I’ve known some of them for years. Some of the volunteers have lived in townships most of their lives in true poverty and crime. Their stories about loss, forgiveness, and crime are ones that you’ve never heard before, and ones you will not forget. You may have heard about the poverty in townships on TV or on the radio, but to grasp the idea and reality of it, you have to be there in person to fully understand what they live through each day. Those people that have lived there and are still living there are some of the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve got to know. Although there has been desolate times there has also been much laughter and enjoyment at days such as the food drops at the valleys. When we enter them the kids wave and say B2B gleefully and run towards you like paparazzi. It may be overwhelming at first but it gets easier as you build friendships with the kids even when we can’t speak the same language. It’s a pretty amazing feeling when one runs up to you saying your name and wanting to play. The Aperture Fun Day occurred at the school where kids could go on bouncy castles, sing, dance and play rugby or get piggy back rides was a memorable experience followed by a talent show, and wow, what talent there is in those valleys! Even when the kids have so little, they can still smile and have a great time with B2B. We went to one of the townships to rebuild the house of one of the volunteers it was also one of the hottest days of the year but we still deconstructed the house and it is now completed. The new home will be much more healthy to live in and hopefully we’ve made their lives a little bit easier. This trip has made me appreciate the smaller things in life and improved the lives of both the team and the people we are helping. You may laugh, you may cry, but on things for sure, you won’t ever forget the country, the experience and the people. 

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