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With it being our last full day in South Africa my emotions have been all over the place, knowing and feeling that I’m ready to go home as my journey has been complete but also wishing I never had to leave South Africa. On Friday the team had a full day to themselves, we were able to have this opportunity to go and explore Cape Town. We all headed to the mall for the morning to spend time shopping, later on that afternoon the group went to the out door pools to chill and time to have good crack. During my experience here in South Africa I have had many different memorable moments that will stick with me forever. One of the most important highlights of this whole trip that will stick with me is the second day we were in Golden Valley. As we arrived to Golden Valley I seen the rest of the group going straight for it with each and everyone of the kids, at the beginning of this it was hard for me to interact with the kids so I was very stand offish, and I decided that I would sit down and take in everything that was going on around me. While I was doing that a little boy called Bingi decided that he wanted to make me a loom band, as there was none of the bands left this little boy walked around the whole park picking up each and every little one of the loom bands that were left sitting on the ground and he made me one. This whole experience warmed my heart to think that this little boy went out of his way to make me this, and I had done nothing for him other than give him the attention that he craved. No words can describe how much this little guy will always hold a place in my heart. During this trip I have achieved many things, I have grown and changed into the person I knew I could be. I went from being a shy person to coming over here and leaving that all behind, and becoming a lot more confident not just within myself but also around others. This journey has been truly breath taking, no words at all can explain the feeling you get once you step foot into them townships and seeing how the people who have so little in this world are the most happiest of people ever. “Make everyday magical” 

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