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‘If you don’t fail at least 90% of the time, your not aiming high enough.’ Coming to the end of my journey now in South Africa and it’s been nothing short of special surrounded by special people, no words can describe how I feel right now having to return home knowing how these people are living on this side of the world. Our experience in Capetown has been completely different from our experience in George. Capetown has been more of a relaxed atmosphere where each of us have took time to progress what has went on over the last 10 days in George. On Thursday, we spent our day out on a boat trip at Sea for a team chill day, we then went to Table Mountain to explore the sights of Capetown. We took the cable cart to reach the top of the mountain where the team spent time with one another to reflect on the last few days. ‘I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy’ During my time in George in one of the Townships named The Valley I began to spend a lot of time with a girl named Nya. With being so little she has all the love and happiness she can give, it was amazing! At the beginning I found it difficult to engage with her because of the language barrier, she didn’t know much English. As the days went on I realised love has no language, it was the company that meant more to both of us. She is the most happiest, bubbly girl which is breathtaking due to her living conditions. Spending time with Nya has made me realise that we don’t need luxuries or the newest shoes out. It’s love and affection that makes us happy. Due to my relationship with Nya I have learnt as much about her as I have myself. It also made me think about back home and how lucky my community is with how well each one of us has been brought up, she is unbelievable I can’t even put into words how much this one small person has impacted on my life and what she has done for me. The 10 days we spent in the townships - The Valley and The Scheme, we spent a bit of time listening to two mind blowing life stories from Henrietta and Pastor Norman which were completely special, two inspirations to both me and the team. These two people have both not let their problems interfere with them mentally or physically, but instead used them to become stronger people who are role models to others around them. ‘Keep your head to the sun and you’ll never see the shadows’ The most important highlight of my journey was building my relationship with Nya who was a huge part of my journey. Another highlight was the second day in George listening to Henrietta’s story, that’s when things really hit me, I had that Africa feeling everyone talks about. I was completely overwhelmed with mixed emotions. To have experienced this journey with my team is phenomenal, 17 special people who I now call my family. We came as friends but are returning home family. The support each person has give to one another is insane, not a day went past where each of us hasn’t asked each other are we okay, I can’t even begin to describe what each of them mean to me and how much they have impacted on my journey here in South Africa. As I now come to the end of my journey in South Africa I can only say how proud I am of myself and the team. I can say I have completely given it my all and took so much from this amazing experience, the feeling of returning home with a different perspective on life is crazy. I’ve learnt to appreciate things a lot more especially my family as it’s something I struggle to do, but I’m excited to get back home and put everything into place. ‘Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else’ 

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