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Waking up on Tuesday and knowing our journey that we worked so hard for is all but done. The drive from our accommodation to the Scheme was one that I never wanted to end. Sitting looking out the window and realising that it could potentially be the last time you see some of the things in this special place has me full of mixed emotions, and I am devastated that it’s over but also delighted that I can say that I have experienced it. I can truly say that I have left nothing behind which is a target that I set myself before I got to South Africa. Driving into the scheme and not seeing all the kids running after the bus and shouting B2B on our last day was really strange and I didn’t quite know how to take it. There are so many special people in what I can only describe as an amazing and unforgettable team. I had the support there to get my mood back up to as high as it has been this whole entire journey any time I felt low. We got out of the combi and got in a circle we were handed envelops that had targets inside that we had set ourselves a year ago in our very first group session which blew my mind realising how far every single person has came. After we got our envelops we were sent away to sit by ourselves for 15 minutes to just reflect on our targets and think deeply if we had actually met them. After the 15 minutes we got back into the circle and individually told the rest of the group if we had felt that we had met them targets, and then we had to pick someone who we felt had stood of for you. We then got to hear what the staff team thought of our individual journey, and to hear from someone who you are very close with was sheer amazing. My B2B journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions it has brought me some of my most happiest times, but also some of my lowest times. The second day in the valley was definitely my most memorable time in Africa as it was the first time that I got to meet such a special little girl, a girl who I only knew for a week but in that week she has changed my life completely. Lisa was so special to me because I was told by a leader of the group that when Lisa was younger things happened to her and from it she would never trust males, but that day she jumped into my arms and hugged me and never wanted me to put her down and it made me realise that she trusted me. Throughout my time in South Africa all I can think about is Lisa and her cheeky smile, she never talked much but when she smiled it was as if she was talking to me and I completely fell in love with her every time I seen her. Another person who has made a huge impact on my life was a young boy called Kaidlin. The first time I met Kaidlin he said to me that Stewart said that he had to be my friend, Stewart is one of my best mates and he was apart of the B2B team who was out last year, and ever since he said that I knew that me and him was going to get on very well. Infact we got on better than I could of wished for every time I saw him he would run straight over and just spend the whole day with me and I couldn’t thank him enough for the time he gave me. Kaidlin had went on at me the whole week asking if he could have my cap and I keep saying that I needed it I’ll give you it when I seen you for the last time, and the last time I seen him was at Red Berry farm. I only got the chance to see him because of the risk he took, him and his brother walked half an hour from their house to the farm just so they could see us before we went home, and for me that made the young man even more special. When the time at the farm came to an end and he had to go home I seen him get on the combi and put his head in his hands, as soon as I seen that I just had to give him my cap and after I handed him it he put it over his face and I knew that he was crying. This made me very emotional and I gave him a hug and we sat there crying and I promised him that I would be back to visit him and his little brother one day. South Africa is a very special place and it will now hold a massive piece of my heart, but I’m looking forward to going home and trying to take everything that I have learnt out here and put it into my own day to day life. ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’ 

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