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Sophie Teer

It’s been 7 days into my journey in Africa. Today we went to the church and sat through a mass, before the mass started I was dreading it I thought it would have been like church back home - boring, but it wasn’t, it was really motivational.

After the mass finished we went to the monkey park then the elephant sanctuary. The monkey park was class, the team was together messing about and just laughing all morning, I felt like we were all in a bubble and nothing could burst it, the elephant sanctuary was the same - all laughs! It was a brilliant way for us to chill out and reflect on the unreal week we’ve had!

Later on that night we went back to the church to watch what we thought was the fun day video, we did watch it then we were surprised by video messages from our parents back home and I also got a letter from my Mummy, it made me really emotional, it was unbelievable to hear how much my mummy’s proud of me and how much she loves me because I wouldn’t hear it that often back home and sometimes you just need a lift especially when all of your emotions are hitting you at once like they do out here!

“Keep your head to the sun and you’ll never see the shadows”

Throughout my journey I’ve gotten close to 3 girls - Linik, Lanisha and Ava. They really stood out for me because of how affectionate they were to me and how affectionate I was to them as well. I have completely surprised myself - and my team, because it isn’t what I’m used to. Normally I would tell a kid to go away or ignore them if they wanted to play with me or get up in my arms. These 3 kids hugged me so tight that I could see the love in their eyes. This place has changed me in so many ways and I wouldn’t have got to that point if it wasn’t for my amazing team. The support we show to each other is phenomenal to be apart of it, I’m so proud of them all.

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.”

Before I came to Africa I couldn’t open up to anyone, even if I tried, I’d act like nothing could hurt me and I’d tend to shy away from things that make me uncomfortable but being surrounded by this class team for so long and me being blinded by the wall I’ve built around myself, I couldn’t see that I was able to open up to them, but that’s exactly what I’ve did out here I’ve pushed myself to the limit and I’ve shocked myself in ways I never thought I could or would! I’ve gave it my all and its changed me for the best and there’s 100% no going back, I plan to keep the wall down and be myself because the real me is better than a fake me!

“I only understood myself after I’d hid myself, but only after being myself did I find out who I really was”

Sophie Teer

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