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Day 5, half way through my journey in blanco all I can say is Africa has completely stole my heart. I never imagined to have a love for the people out here as much as I do. It’s true and shocking what they say about people having so little, but yet the happiest people in the world. Today was just special, after a conversation last night my team and I decided we wanted to make this day the best we could, because this time next week we will be in Cape Town. Meaning this amazing Blanco journey will be over. So 8am, music pumping and everyone ready to jump on the combis for the day ahead. We went to the beach to hear a bit about Norman’s life growing up in Cape Town township. What a man. He is completely amazing, I could listen for hours on end to this man, he is the most inspirational and motivational person I have ever came across. After Norman shared his story, as a group we shared highlights so far and the also who has been the person that has stood out for us, at this point I sat back and realised I really am so lucky with the team I have, these are definitely friends for life, the bond every single one of us has is unreal, which is mainly the reason this experience is completely special. Afterwards, we went to the Scheme to spend time with the kids, going to the townships has been the highlight of my journey. While taking it all in you do notice the heart breaking things, like the holes in the clothes they wear, the fact they have no shoes on and there’s glass everywhere and the type of the houses they live in. But the most over whelming thing of all is the massive smiles and laughter you hear from every single one of them. Seeing all these amazing kids smiling ear to ear because there is people coming to there community, willing to give them the attention and love that they may not receive at home makes you feel like your doing something right. Throughout my journey in South Africa I have developed a relationship with a girl called Layla. At the beginning I did find it difficult to engage with her because of the little English she knows, but now I realise love has no language. She is the most affectionate and bubbly girl which is unbelievable for the circumstances she lives in. I am going to find it so hard leaving her because the way they live is just completely heart breaking. My relationship with Layla has made me realise life isn’t all about the luxieries and the newest clothes or shoes that’s out, it’s about the type of people we spend our days with and being grateful for every single thing we have. She certainly doesn’t let the world change her smile, her smile changes it. I am proud of myself with my connection I have made with Layla, at home I show no affection towards anyone including my own family, which is something I wanted to work on. By giving her the affection that she craved so much with simple things like a hug, this made me realise that I have made a difference to her day. Just watching that big smile appear on her tiny face is completely rewarding. This is something I want to take home with me. As i said before about taking things for granted, family is definitely something I will never take for granted again. They are amazing. I am so excited for the rest of my journey over in Africa and I can’t imagine how things could get better, but I just know it will. “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”

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