#B2B2018: Orla Elwood Blog

My journey so far has been un-describable. Never in my life have I felt like is true what they say, Africa is absolutely special.. Today I got the opportunity to spend time with elderly people who now live within a care home. The whole team provided a smashing day with hours filled with fun, laughter and smiles all around. I spent some time with an elderly lady named Angi, what a women.. I’m now fluent in Afrikaans. So far My journey has been a happy, but an emotional rollercoaster. These people have so little but seem to be the happiest people in the world. It has already made me realise a lot. The homes of those who I have visited, the amazing cheerful children, who just love getting attention, and who just love spending time and having fun with us, they are the people who make life amazing. It has been tough and hard hitting.. walking through the township, I took a moment to step back and look around, it just broke my heart. I just don’t understand how these people are the happiest people, but yet they live in un-describable conditions, it’s a horrible way to live. Within my 3 short days here, I have already made long lasting relationships with some of the kids of Blanco, in particular Julio... meeting him yesterday for the first time for only 10 minutes yet today when we went back into the township he ran straight to me and gave me the biggest hug.. He didn’t leave my side all day, by me giving him 10 minutes of attention that he probably doesn’t receive at home, made him wanna spend the whole time with me today. It made me feel overwhelmed with loads of different emotions and I am excited to keep building our relationship throughout my time here. Another young boy I’ve built a relationship with is Mitchell, when I first met this boy he was crazy. He was hitting and punching me in the face, now every time I see him he runs into my arms and fights with other children over my attention. This makes me know I’m doing something right, as this young boy who I’ve only knew for a short time enjoys my company and craves my attention. He’s the most coolest kid and I can’t wait to spend more time with him. Like I said before it’s only been 3 short unreal days, but this place has impacted me so much. I have learnt a lot more about myself such as, I am a reliable trustworthy person. Someone who my group can depend on. I am also a very supportive person, though this I have also began to realise more of how lucky I am. I’m beginning to realise how ungrateful I use to be, when I return home this is one thing I aim to change. Also I’m not to bad at providing a bitta banter as well 😊. From being in the township where the kids clothes are ripped to bits, to having no shoes on their feet, yet they are still so happy and thankful. Then driving 10 minutes down the road into a garage where people stare at you for wearing the same clothes as the rest of the team, or for simply dancing, singing and having a laugh. It’s like 2 completely different worlds and I know which one id rather be in. I am completely In love with this country and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my journey with the best team, In the best place. Im excited to see what lays ahead of this journey and what further challenges it has for me. The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. 

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