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Finally after 36 hours of travelling, we finally arrived in our accommodation. Everyone is completely wrecked but even still we couldn’t wait to get stuck in the next day... With a 6:30am start on Monday morning it still didn’t feel real. With so many different emotions, I didn’t know what way to feel, but it was amazing anyway. I was actually in South Africa, this was on the other side of the world, complete madness, that it was actually “time for Africa” literally. We went to the school in the Township to hold a assembly for the kids in blanco. So me and Daniel were first up, I was so nervous but as soon as I waved at the kids and they waved back I knew I had nothing to be nervous for, they were so happy to see us. Seeing the shacks that the people in Blanco live in was really hitting home. When this man invited us into his home we’re he actually lived, it was heart breaking to see. I couldn’t even bring myself to stand in it, it was just too much to think he lived in this place that he called home.But to them it was so normal, not me, sleeping on bricks, muck as his floor and no electric and plenty more things he was doing without. This definitely stood out for me. I don’t have the biggest and best house, but compared to this man, I’m living in the best conditions, it made me so thankful. That was defiantly one of the things that stood out for me on Monday. It’s so hard to explain how I felt, it was just crazy how he was so proud of his house inviting us all in as he was wearing a sack as clothes but yet so happy and delighted? There are two different Townships in Blanco that have already left a impact in my life. In the space of 2 days the first one we visited was Golden Valley. When we first arrived the kids were all at school, so the run up to waiting on them coming out the team were preparing themselves to have as much fun as possible. By this time it still hadn’t hit me that I was actually here. As the kids all came sprinting down the hill from school running straight into whoever’s arms they seen, even thou they had never met us before, was a moment I’ll never forget in my life completely class. They ran as fast as possible to get changed out of their uniform and straight up to the valley to us again. The whole day, the same 4 girls were stuck to my hip. It made me feel amazing that they never knew me, yet felt so close and comfortable with me already. As I was sitting down with the 4 kids around me, I stopped playing with them for 1 minute to embrace what was going on around me. Looking around that field and watching my team and them kids together was indescribable and that’s when it hit me, I got the Africa buzz, a warm feeling in my heart that you’ll never feel until you are actually experiencing it for yourself. This place is not over rated one bit, it’s exactly how people make it out to be. It’s the exact same in the other township which is The Scheme. I found the same buzz and again I had a crowd of kids around me, begging me for my attention. I find this to be down to them not getting enough love or affection in their normal day to day lives. I was more than happy to give them it. They may think Its me making them happy, however its the other way around, they made me extremely happy, I’m smiling from ear to ear. One kid stood out for me in The Scheme, her name was Sanesi. She is 2 years old and was walking about by herself. Sanesi has no shoes on and she looked lost. I picked her up and gave her a big hug and she was delighted. As soon as she told me her age, I thought of my two nieces which are 2 years old and who would never be left to run the streets alone, never be without no shoes on. It was really hard to take in and to picture it being my nieces was heartbreaking. I just wanted to take her home, she also didn’t wanna let me go either it was unbelievable how she bonded with a stranger at such a young age. Everything I’ve seen in the last 2 days has made me so emotional, but no tears seemed to be showing until Waitso played the song rise up. The team were all just finishing off doing a debrief and I literally broke down. The lyrics really meant something to me, and after 2 powerful days of it all building up, it was amazing to cry and let it all out. Trying to put how I feel into words is so hard at the minute. Because it’s a feeling you’ll never know until your in “the Africa bubble”. But what I can say and know for sure, is that it is nothing but amazing feelings and I am so ready for the rest of these days here. We’re I’m going to make unforgettable memories with such special people that I know will impact on my life in nothing but good ways!!! I’m absolutely buzzing to jump in with 2 feet and not hold back on anything. I don’t want to get on the plane going home and regret anything. 

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