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Words can’t describe the feelings that I am going through right now, but if I tried I can simply only say that this journey has been very special from building connections with the kids to having a positive B2B team who are full of love and care and also that time is precious. Before I came to South Africa I was hearing stories about this amazing place and what it has done for the people who previously been. Now while I am reflecting, I can understand I have been blowing away by the things that I have overcome in the past two weeks. Although it is hard to pick one thing out, because everything has been outstanding however my favourite stand out moment on this journey would be my relationship with Tiffany a young girl who lives in The Scheme one of the Townships we worked in. It is hard to put into words in terms of how much love and happiness this kid has shown me in such a short period of time, I have showed her these emotions also, leaving her was very hard but I know that it isn’t the last time I will see her, “it is only see you later”. The hardest challenge that I faced on this journey was possibly the fun day that we held for the kids from The Scheme and also Golden Valley. We had been warned beforehand to be prepared for around 300 kids going crazy, loving life to the full extent, this was the case but with an extra 300 on top of that, it was quality! Throughout the past 2 weeks I have seen so many happy kids and so many happy parents that are witnessing their children possibly having the best time that they have ever had. But the smiles was different quality, because not once did I see a child or a parent that didn’t have a big cheesy smile on their face and that is all I wanted. On this journey I have learnt that giving your time to another person can make them so happy, like Dion a Pastor in the church we visited, he told us that to make the most of things because tomorrow is never promised to anyone. To me this is hard to take into account as I never thought about it and back home I don’t give as much time as I should to those who love me, or who care about me. But this experience has made me realise that I need to change my way of thinking about things instead of being laid back thinking that everything will always be ok, because over here I have seen that anything can happen the next day. When it comes to how much of an impact this journey has had on me, I can only say, it has been nothing but positive. It has got to the point where I am smiling and I don’t know why I’m guessing that it is the Africa buzz that everyone talks about. Relating my impact to back home, I don’t appreciate the things that I have. As much as the people of Blanco appreciate the things that they have, this journey has also impacted me in a way that as soon as I get back I want to get stuck into my youth club in terms making the young people from my community as happy and comfortable as I did with the young people from the Townships. I am going to bring this positive mind-set back from this experience. I has given me the best feeling that I have ever had, I am going to make sure I keep the connection going with my group, because these people guide me in the correct direction and are so positive to be around. I could go on for hours about how amazing this place is, but when I am back next year I will write more and yes I will be back for definite. 

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