#B2B2017: Morgan Wood Blog

So far my journey has been inspirational. I have enjoyed this experience so much it has put a variety of things into perspective. When I set out on my journey to South Africa I had a feeling at the back of my mind that it wasn’t going to be how everyone described it to be. I thought people were over reacting about poverty and stuff. When I seen all these different things like: poverty, poor living conditions, little clothing and a low amount of water and food. I was very shocked it was just like how I was told. When the team and I were able to go into the different townships and help out it made us feel good. People from the townships couldn’t be more thankful for what we have done for their community. In Blanco we give the children the right love, care and affection that they need. We made them happy helped them to have fun. My favourite day was Monday the 17th of April we held a fun day at a local school field from 11am until 4pm over six hundred children joined us at the fun day along with many adults. My task was to do face painting. I really enjoyed this day as it was outstanding from start to finish the team worked hard together to make this happen. I appreciate that I got the chance to experience this journey it has been special. Through this journey I feel that I have learnt to appreciate everything and everyone in my life. This has taught me to be more realistic and take every day as it comes. The impact my journey has had on me to date is to never take anything for granted this will benefit me in many ways. I am relieved that this has had a very positive impact on me. From this experience I will take home myself without the mask. I will take the kind, caring, loving, positive and confident person home with me. ‘Don’t look back you’re not going that way’. 

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