#B2B2017: Conor Canavan Blog

Well my journey here in South Africa has been nothing but rewarding from day one in Blanco until here now in Capetown. There has been nothing but pure positivity from the group and we have always got stuck into any challenge that lied ahead of us. I think the hardest challenge that we have had to face was the fun day on Easter Monday, we were only expecting around 200 – 300 kids from the scheme & The Valley (Two Townships) to turn up, but there was around 600 kids that turned up. I and the team were quick to think on our feet to make sure the kids enjoyed the day. This was our main aim of the day to make sure they had as much fun as possible. Myself & Caine were on bouncy castle duties at the start of the day which was by far the hardest roll that we could off done. The team rotated around each station, which was good so that everyone got to spend time at the different stations. The key things I have learned Is that to never take anything for granted and to always appreciate things a lot more. Back home in Belfast I would consider myself as a very selfish person and to never appreciate anything my family does for me. Being out here in Africa has been such an eye opener for me. Another thing I have learned is that time is precious because there was a boy in the scheme township that we all called Baby Burger. His real name is actually Dale. At the fun day, Dale came over to me and handed me a letter and at that time I was too busy helping out with the fun day so I told him I would read it once I got a chance and come find him. When I had a little time to myself I opened the letter and it said “ Burger and Baby Burger Are Best Friends Forever “. I went and found Dale sitting behind the bouncy castle and me and him sat for around an hour or two just talking about each other and he kept asking about my tattoos, so I got a marker and drew one of my tattoos on him and his reaction was completely priceless once I had finished it. It was time to say goodbye to the kids of Blanco I tried to slip Dale a few Rand for the shop and he took my hand and said “ No I didn’t want you to give my any money, I only wanted time with you “. We as a team are meant to come out here to help the kids of Blanco, but he taught me something , he taught me that money is just an object and has no real meaning and that time is the most important thing of all. It’s crazy how I just seen this kid about the township a few times and on the last day he came and changed my whole perspective of life just by spending time with him. Hopefully one day he will be able to read this to see how much of an impact he made on my life, and if you can thank you kid. The Impact It has made on me has been nothing short of amazing and surreal just how one kid can change your whole chain of thought, and turn everything into positivity instead of being negative. I don’t think I seen any child sad the whole time I have been here in Africa and it is nothing short of amazing. I will be bringing home the positivity and energy that I have shown out here back to Belfast, just for the simple fact that I used to shy away from certain things and held my mask up and wasn’t being myself and letting my full potential shine through. But the main thing for me, is to never waste time, because it is the most precious thing of all and we all don’t have a lot of time left. 

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