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So finally I can say that I have I have made it! My journey in Africa so far has been life changing and I have loved every moment that it has brought to me, from all the highs so far and also the lows. It has been a week since I have arrived in Africa and I can say it’s been the most amazing experience in my life, it’s unreal. To say the least it has been a roller-coaster of emotions every day. I have spent some time with a young girl called Lisa who lives in the Scheme in Blanco. I got the opportunity to meet her daddy and her little sister got to look from the outside at her living conditions which was a real eye opening moment for me. This little girl who I have made a connection with was the happiest outgoing child I will ever come across but yet when I saw her living conditions I started to wonder how she can be so positive and full of life. When I got this opportunity it made me feel special as the girl’s daddy was talking to me and asking me questions about the project and also by her bringing me up to her daddy to introduce me to him it was heart-warming knowing how much I meant to Lisa. Driving into the townships in Blanco is something else. Even better when you see their faces when they see the us coming in the combis. Anytime we are in the scheme and I jump of the combi, I just feel Lisa waiting on me coming and spending time with her. One thing I have noticed in Blanco is the massive sense of community here. All the children are always looking out for one another, if one person has a sweet they will try their best to split the sweet between them all to ensure everyone gets a bit. Its definitely special! Throughout my journey so far, I have learned a lot about myself and the community of Blanco. I have learned that within Blanco there are two different communities which are called the scheme and the valley. The scheme is filed with children who want to play with you as soon as you bounce off the combi, otherwise in the valley, the children just want us to show them love and affection towards them, whether it being painting their names or just holding them in your arms. I have learned a lot about myself and how I can set goals and achieve them without giving up so easily. Throughout my time here I have looked at the things in my life which I could improve on and I try and take risks to ensure that I am achieving the goals I have set myself. I will bring this home with me as I now know that anything can be achieved if I put my mind to it and take as much risks as I possibly can to make me a better person. Throughout this week, the B2B programme has made such an impact on me already and I’m not even half way through my journey which is amazing! This place has made me realise that I need to start appreciating my family more than I have done before because when you come here and you listen to stories about the people’s backgrounds on family. The experience makes you appreciate what your family does for you back home and how well of a job they are doing, it unbelievable. It has also made me realise that no matter what, money cannot by happiness. This has made me think more about the technolgy and things that we want back home which is completely not relevent to this place. I think the world would be a much better place if people weren’t as needy and want to give more. Blanco has also made me realise that family is important. It is important to give them time and show them affections because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to no one. I am going to go home and make sure that I give my family all the time in the world especially my two sisters and my two brothers as they mean the world to me. From my experience so far, I will bring home the best person I can be whether that’s by giving time to my family and friends and appreciating life itself as it comes day by day. I will also make sure that I set myself goals and if I don’t achieve these goals I will make better ones to ensure that I be the better person in every situation. ‘The key to happiness is letting every situation just be what it is, instead of what you think it should be’ 

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