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My journey in Blanco so far has been so special that nothing can describe how you really feel. On Wednesday the team woke up full of buzz because we didn’t really know what was ahead of us. The girls in the team were brought to an Old people’s home. Walking about the home was crazy as some of the people just lay there not being able to move but yet were so happy. I went and got stuck right in painting the residents nails and just chatting to them. We fed some of the people their lunch and just spent some time with them and they loved it! After we brought some people outside and had some of them up dancing and just making them feel younger and lively they were extremely loving it. It was amazing to see.

Driving into Golden Valley up the ‘Famous Hill’ that everyone talks about gets you a real buzz. When the team pulled up in the combis about 10 children run to you with their arms out and just looking for you to play games with them. I got off the combi and looking for the girl Muna that I had met the day before, once she found me she never left my side the rest of the day just playing games and getting up to dance with her. In the township I seen a fight between the young people, having to stand back and not being able to do anything about it got me really emotional. Coming towards the end of the day in the township it was getting really cold, I tried to warm the children up, but they got me to stop, this was so they could keep me warm, this just made me feel so special and welcomed. Before I left Muna came up to me with a letter that she wrote to me the night before telling me how she loves me, this was after only spending time with her for 3 hours, it just makes you realise how you are doing and something positive with Muna.

Driving to Botanical Garden’s had the whole team anxious as no one in the team knew what we were going to do. We got up to the park with Muna’s mummy who shared her story with us, it was really emotional to hear because you don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors. Muna’s mummy’s story was so inspirational to us all, showing how far she has come on from the past and now feels part of the B2B family herself.

Throughout my experience I have learned that that these children have nothing, yet have so much to give to you. By giving your time to someone can just put a smile on their face without you even thinking you have done anything.

So far the journey has had an impact on building my confidence with working with young people. The experience has also gave me the motivation and confidence to face challenges that I wouldn’t have expected out here. All of these challenges will improve my skills and qualities massively.

My journey so far has made me reflect a lot on home. I hope now I am able to go home and spend more time with my family as it really is everything. Over here seeing the children be so happy with really nothing makes me realise that I need to start appreciating a lot more back home and stop taking things for granted.

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