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Courtney Crawford

On Thursday we had our final session before heading of on our journey to Africa. In our last B2B session we met up with our sponsors and then met the Lord Mayor, after we went for a personal group session. This was very intense and motivated the team that little bit more. Arriving at the R-city Cafe I didn’t know how to feel but traveling down to Dublin with the whole team was unbelievable! Everyone was just on a high, speaker on and everyone smiling from ear to ear not believing that the day had finally arrived after a year’s hard work. Once we arrived at Dublin we then had to travel to Dubai on a 7hour flight which was not good when you’ve a screaming baby in the next isle. Everyone was wrecked and just wanted to sleep but the travelling didn’t stop there. We then had another 10hour flight to Africa then another 6 hours on a bus to George. Waking up on Sunday everyone didn’t know what the day held, we set off to a church in the scheme (an area in Blanco). Everyone made the whole team so welcome and what an amazing kick start to the day it was, everyone was up dancing and singing. After the church service we then drove down into scheme to see the Township and see all the kids. Everyone was very nervous at this point as they didn’t know what was going to happen. Jumping of the bus everyone was buzzing, all the kids came running towards us wanting lifted and for us to play with them. As I was walking through the scheme just taking it all in a we girl came up and grabbed my hand just out of the blue which I wasn’t expecting. This made me feel so happy because she picked me out of the whole group to spend time with and all she wanted was some attention. We walked deeper into the scheme and a man brought us in to see his house, this made me very emotional because of the condition that he is living in, hearing stories you don’t think it could be that bad but seeing it for myself I was really taken back by it because no one deserves to have to live like that. After seeing the house, we went back to Aunt Abeil’s house and played with the kids, there was no better feeling seeing all the kids so happy to get some attention. Not having no resource’s me and Tammi started off running around in a circle with four kids and by the end we had near 20 kids all just running in a circle. These people have nothing but still have a smile on their face! I couldn’t have spent my birthday in a more special place.

So far from my first in Blanco day I have learnt that time is everything. Spending time with kids I’ve only met a few hours but back home I wouldn’t even spend 5 minutes with my own sister. Seeing some of the way people live, I have learnt to be more thankful for the things I have and how well of I am from other people. I hope to learn more about myself over the next 16 days as this is only my first day.

The impact of the experience so far which will stick with me is, the togetherness of everyone in the township. This positive experience has made me want to be more family orientated when I get back home. Playing all the games with the kids which was really out of my comfort zone I realised that’s when I can challenge myself the most and when I get back home I’m going to do it more often and not shy away from things like I normally do as I have found today very rewarding.

At the beginning of my personal journey in Blanco I know that I am going to bring home the confidence that I gained from this amazing journey. “Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow”.

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