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There was no day in Blanco i didn't wake up unhappy, Thinking over the last couple of days has been amazing. Im so glad after 3 years of trying i finally caught the Blanco bug.

During our time in Blanco i became close with two kids, Therice and Eva. The frist time i met these kids i was standing in the park and Therice just came up and took my hand along with Eva. This started my relationship with them which i didn't think would of happend by just a kid taking my hand, after finding out their names we sat down in the park and started to talk but they didn't talk much English and it was hard to communicate because of the language barrier. But we still connected simply because of a smile on my face and a smile on theirs. i knew since i first caught there eyes something special was going to happen. As i started to bond with more kids in the township as well as Therice and Eva the two of them didn't seem to like it if anyone had of come over they were pushing them away or even putting their hands on my mouth so i couldn’t talk to the rest of the kids. I noticed Therice and Eva were all ways together when i was in the township, but then i heard that Eva had cancer in her stomach last year and Therice looked after her. this made sense as Therice would always look after here, she would carry her instead of letting her walk and would fetch things when she was looking them, amazing to see.

Leaving Blanco

On the 28th we left Blanco. We all got up early that morning to go in and to say are last goodbyes to everyone, everyone had all different emotions as it was are last day in Blanco and also it was Lyndons mummy anniversary. Once we pulled into the township everyone went to look for the kids they were close with and we went up to the park to let pf balloons for Lyndons mummy’s 10th anniversary away from home. After that i still hadn't seen Therice or Eva so i decided to go and loo kfor them i went to Therice house and i asked her daddy was she in and his reply “shes not coming out she doing the washing” I explained i was going home and i was just wanting to say goodbye and he replayed again saying “ill go and get her” When she came out she had her hand up over her face because she acts as if she shy. I asked her for a hug and had explained that it was my last day and i was going home. I then let her down and looked about for Eva but i couldn't see her and time was running out. After that we walked down to Stella’s house with all he kids we played a bit of music all the kids danced away and then finally are time came and we all had to say are final good byes to the people in Blanco.

Cape Town

When the group arrived in Capetown on Monday it was late at night and everyone was hungry after the 6 hour drive, the group then went to the mall and got some food after that the group got togather and talked about there experience in the townships and how they felt leaving it. Thinking back on the township made you realise the fun we had in it, we all felt like kids again also it brought up emotions within the whole group, looking around the group you new there was something missing. Even though everyone was still emotional from leaving the township the group still cracked on and continued to try and embrace every single moment we had leat in South Africa which we did. On Tuesday Morning we went to the shopping mall and had a look around it. After that the group went Bob Sleighing, the group laughed from started to finish.

Today the group was meant to go to table mountain but the weather was to bad, so the group went and done a tour around the townships in Langa and Kalachla. As soon as we drove in to them i new the proverty was so poor there was stones and muck everywhere. We went in to a house that had nothing in it the walls were falling down round us and the flys were everywhere. We found out that 16 families lived in the tiny we house. Each room had three beds, the tour guid told us that the mummy, daddy and baby sleep in the beds and kids under the age of 7-14 sleep on hard ground of the bedroom. He also said about how they have to turn the kitchen in to a bedroom to fit the families in. We then took another walk around the townships and we visited were the people of the township got to the toilet. There were five toilets with a shelter around the toilets they didn't even have chains to flush the toilets after using them and the smell that was coming from then was awful.

We also visited there bar which is in there township it took them 24 hours to brew it. To my surprise we were told that everyone in the bar shares that cider from the one bucket they use it as away to socialise with one another. The bar had nothing in it but 2 bench’s and a big bucket of the cider. we found out that it was a mother and daughter business.

I learnt that compared to Blanco the township i was in today was more run down and deprived.

The people were also not as welcoming as they were in Blanco.

know that trip has came to an end my experience so far has been amazing. It has made me really opened my eyes to things and appreciated things back home more. i have had the best time in Blanco with the best of people i have defiantly lived bit of my heart in Blanco.

“The only man i envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has so much to look forward to”

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