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“You will never be completely at home again,because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in one than more place”

From i first woke up this morning i was very tired as the group had been doing a lot of work in the township the day before and also i was up all night being sick due to the illness of sunstroke but that didn't change my mindset in the slightest to go out into Blanco and give it my all; not like we haven't each day, but most importantly the group day in day out has been astonishing, simply because the individual personalities have been so outgoing. Over breakfast Steven and I had a conversation about how quickly this trip is flying in every day is like an hour, to which he showed me the quote i have used above this helped me brighten up my mood as we talked about how we would feel after this trip would end simply because how much love and how much of an impact we have for the place.

Waking up to Dynsey and Joe blasting their tunes first thing in the morning gets everyone just that bit more buzzing to go out and get at it. As i got ready to leave i noticed it was a miserable, cold, windy, wet day. I was very surprised. I was surprised at the fact that every other day the sun was splitting the trees we were all burnt to a crisp. Some within the group could barley move they were red raw. This gloomy weather kind of put into my mind that today wasn't going to be as exciting or have much fulfilled energy within the group but i was wrong, it was! The weather didn't change one single thing about what we wanted to individually accomplish today, which is special because when its raining back home we don't wanna leave and go outside because we don't want to get our hair wet especially Joe with his exceptional fringe.

As we all went to bed last night we thought we were getting up and going straight into Blanco but the plans clearly changed due to the weather conditions It was a setback. It was a setback as were all so exited to go and interact with the local people of Blanco due to the emotional and very motivating de-brief session with the in inspirational guy Ermin last night. Ermin taught the group a lot in just one day, he made us realise how much our loved ones really mean to us which is inspiring to listen to and take in as a young person. The de-brief session really reflected on that amazing day we had yesterday and really made me think. After the session the group stood around and hugged each other and listened to a song, you could feel the positive vibes off our one another

it showed how much of a journey we are on and truly showed the passion and affection we individually have for each other is amazing. We have came on as a group explosively and faced so much challenges head on and jumped in on with two feet is mind-blowing.

So as the day started off with the bad weather, the plans had changed rather than going straight into Blanco from early bells because we initially thought we were going too do a bit of painting in the township to help brighten up the place. After a bit of discussion we had finally agreed just to go to the mall to do a bit of shopping. I thought to myself people within the group were going to go to the mall and spoil themselves, buy themselves new clothes or whatever but this surprisingly didn't happen. As i walked around the mall i seen the likes of Lyndon and Ciaran buying some clothes for the kids as if it as nothing. It was amazing what they did and speaks a thousands words for their personalties, some people wouldn't realise that they had this side to their personalities and personally it was a pleasure to see. What they were doing buy buying brand new clothes for these kids they had new for 3 days was so affectionate it shows how much love you can receive and really give out.

So after we were busting to get into Blanco we finally got in that day, the rain was still falling but that didn't matter i was still feeling that same excitement going in after the previous days before the feeling you get stepping off the combie in Golden valley is just amazing you automatically get filled with energy and want to interact with the kids so i did so. There was barely any kids about and the people that had built special relationships with certain young ones weren't there and they seemed lost without them. Finally the kids turned up and we finally got on with what we do every day and showed the kids love and affection which we set out to do from day one. You just cant describe the feeling you get when your there its just unimaginable. Some kids have bad backgrounds from their parents taking drugs, alcohol or anything else. All these kids need is a bit of love and time because time is precious and doesn't cost nothing.

Blanco is a community that is so close everyone lives on each others love because that is all they have got. Compared to people in the community i live in we dont even look at each other. Its not iPhones, social media, or the best of clothes its just based on the love and happiness affection these people depend on. Blanco really made me realise how to find happiness within myself and how inspiring these people are it has taught me a lot. There is no better feeling than making an impact on someones life as it creates a path for your own and you realise the good qualities you have as a person. It has even taught me to appreciate more things in life at home as they have nothing and they are still able to smile and be happy and just simply get on with life no matter how hard or what they face, it has made me learn to tackle challenges as nothing is impossible and i am grateful for the clothes i have on my back.

This trip to South Africa has been mind blowing it has really changed my perception on life and realise how lucky i am it has built my confidence, self esteem and overall personality its been an eye opening experience and i cant wait to see what the rest of the days have to offer.

“If you don't challenge yourself, you will never realise who you can become”

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