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“It’s not about the destanation its about the journey you take to get there.”

Wednesday 16th of march 2016 is the day that me and the B2B group have all been waiting on some longer than others but we’ve all finally got here in the end as a team. Waking up on Wednesday morning i was over whelmed with excitement up from the crack of dawn dressed and ready to meet up with the team and saying a final goodbye to my family. Doing this was hard as i was feeling different kind of emotions. I was sad to leave my family as i see them every day without fail. I’m not used to getting up every morning with my niece leila waking me up to do her makeup and my mummy having everything sorted for that day. Leaving the R-city Cafe my mind was over loading with thoughts the main one that stood out while on the bus was me realising how grateful i am to have her because i know i wouldn’t of got this opportunity without her, while sitting up in the cafe i just felt a sense of achievement and i knew that my mummy was proud of me too.

When we finally arrived at Dublin the group where completely buzzing and full of energy to start of our travels to Africa even when we had a slight problem with are tickets because we new we’d get there in the end. It was an amazing feeling knowing that the group were still so positive about the flights being over booked as we landed in London having 20 minutes to get through the check in and get to the next flight to Johannesburg. This flight lasted 11 hours and really drained us as a group because of finding it hard to sleep. i personally found it difficult as my mind was thinking about writing this blog because I volunteered to do the first blog. I began to start writing my thoughts and feelings as the day went on. We finally we landed in Cape Town and the group started getting their energy back knowing that we were a bus drive away from George were we will be staying for the rest of our trip. iIt began to dawn on me that we were one sleep closes to entering the township Blanco, something that hasn’t left my min in over a year.

While driving to George from the airport i seen things that i didn’t expect to see it was different from Belfast it was a different atmosphere and different types of people some better of than others. when we we driving to George i couldn’t help but wonder that our first day in the township was going to be like and would the kids take to me. While processing all of my thoughts i started planning on how i was going to start my day of with the kids by playing games and also doing ice breakers to make the kids feel more comfortable to interact with the group. Having this we think on the bus journey it made me prepared and motivated to take on the challenges of entering the township. As we began the journey out of Cape Town we drove past a township called Nyanga it seemed like it was never ending more houses just seemed to appear there were also new roads and new buildings being built outside the township and i couldn’t get my head round it because i thought that instead of doing all these things to attract more tourist they could of used the money to accommodate the people in the township Nyanga. As i was feeling this i couldn’t help but notice that my whole group where taking in the views from the bus window and i was curious to know how the drive to Capetown was impacting on them as a people.

We arrived at our accommodation at 10pm we quickly got settled and had our first session in Africa. Dynes shared a song with us that had a personal meaning to him and it had me thinking of what way i need to challenge and handle situations in the township. We then broke of by ourselves with pen and paper we had to write about how we are feeing about entering the township tomorrow morning, our goals and also what we have achieved. I am now finishing of my night by writing this blog and preparing for entering the township tomorrow for the start of an amazing experience.

“its not about the destination its about the journey you take to get there”

I first heard this quote when we only started are travelling we were standing waiting to board our first flight and we happened to be talking about the flights ahead when vicky said this it made me. I realised that my journey didn’t started today it started 2 years ago when i first started the Rcity programme in the club. i was determined to complete the R-city programme to be in with a chance of a SA interview. when the interviews finally came up i made sure i wasn’t nervous and that i was prepared for it has i didn’t want to let it slip away. R-city year one helped me build my confidence in myself and for me this is what helped me in my interview. I remember standing in the old peoples home across the street from the club doing my team challenge project when i found out i was over whelmed and started to cry i was shocked that i even cried has i was never a person to show emotion. As we continued the rest of the day at the old peoples home I remember being so happy and excited that it helped me interact with the old people better for me that was already the start of me preparing one of the challenges ii Africa which is the visit to the old people home.

Now that i have processed my thoughts and experienced 2 years of this journey, i feel more than ready to take on the pinnacle of this journey which lies ahead in the township of Blanco.

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