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Well, thats our first full day over us in Capetown. Its been an amazing day with lots to take from it. We visited one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world which was Table Mountain where we reflected upon our years preparation. I found it very interesting and was very proud of myself and the whole group of how far we have came. The mountain represented how the group were feeling leaving Blanco as everyone was on a high. I was proud because i felt as if i had achieved everything i had set out to achieve in Blanco. Im sure i speak for the group when i say everyone felt as sense of accomplishment.

Cape town is an amazing city however i could see the difference between the poor and the rich within the city. As i drove into Capetown in the back of the combie i could see many different townships as we drove along the motorway. But when we went into the city centre, i seen the rich side of the city, with people driving around in fancy cars such as ranger rovers, aston martins and also a Lamborghini. Seeing this made me feel quite angry due the hard ships i seen people had to experience in Blanco!

On our first day in George we didn't know what we were doing. It turned out we were going to a church which was in another township. In the church i saw lots of people in my group pushing themselves. i thought i hadn't done enough and therefore i knew i needed to motivate and push myself to full extent so i had no regrets. The first day going into Blanco i didn't no what to expect, but i knew it had a lot to offer. After only a few hours of kicking a ball around with a young boy named AD i had already built a life long relationship. When i first started interacting with AD i knew this we guy had just grabbed my heart with two hands. It made me feel amazing and proud as i never thought i could interact with a young person, i knew it was a beginning of change for me.

On the second day i couldn't wait to get into the town ship. I was up from half 7 buzzing with excitement ready to experience another day with AD. As we approached the township there was kids chasing the combie shouting the names of some of the people in the group, but AD wasn't there with the other kids. It made me feel sad as i didn't know if i was going to get to play around and have fun with the we guy who put a smile on my face. When we had finally stopped at Stellas house all the group was getting out of the combies they were all looking for the kids they had built a strong relationship in the previous day. I left it for an hour or so and i just didn't feel myself without AD not being around me. So i decided to ask Paul to come to AD’s house to see if he was in, but when i approached his gate a little girl had run out of the house to tell me that his mummy was away to work and someone was minding him. The news that the little girl gave me just broke me in two as i thought that i wasn't going to see him that day. As i was walking away from AD’s i saw out of the corner of my eye that resembled AD from behind. I decided to call his name and he came running down the path of his neighbours garden with the biggest smile i had ever seen and jumped into my arms and hugged me. This was the best feeling i have ever had in my life knowing he had still remembered me from the previous day. Leaving AD on our last day was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. He taught me so much such as by just showing someone lots of love and affection can have a big impact on them. Although leaving him deeply upset me i felt happy as i had such a powerful impact on his life……

That wasn't my only learning experience. When one of the days i was helping Stellas husband Henry build a new fence around his house it brought back a lot of memories. When i was young, i was always with my granda and always helped him with anything he needed done. Sadly, my granda past away a few years ago due to cancer. Helping Henry brought back so many of these wonderful memories i spent with my granda. This made me feel so happy knowing that i could help an older person again with something he needed done and he appreciated it with all his heart. This experience also taught me to open up with my emotions more in the debriefs. The support from the group was outstanding and i couldn't ask for a better team to open my emotions up to.

threw this programme i have learnt a lot about my self, but one that stood out the most was knowing that i can express my feelings to other people around me. This makes me feel proud of myself because for anyone who knows me understands that i wouldn't show my emotions often or to others around me. Also in the debriefs I've learnt that i can rely on people to support me when i need to get something of my chest. I know that i can be relied upon as i was there for everyone in my group that had any problems going on.

I know i can take this opportunity and use it wisely back home to motivate myself to achieve my long term goals. Im also going to take away from this trip to be more helpful and caring in my family and stop making everything about me. I know i have pushed myself to the limits here in Africa and i know i must take every opportunity back home with both hands.

In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take!

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