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Well, here we are finally in Capetown after a 6 hour drive from Blanco. It must be true what they say time does fly when your having fun because were now on to are 10th day in South Africa. Everyones been up from early hours this morning packing there bags and getting prepared for the last day in Golden Valley Township to say are last goodbyes to all the amazing people we have met the last few days.

Today brought mixed emotions to the B2B team. We organised a fun day in the park in the township for all the kids and I’m sure i can say for myself and the rest of the team it was a success. We hadn’t been in the township the past few days and it was great to get back in again to see everyone. The kids were just as happy as we were to see us again. As soon as we entered the township the kids started running after the cambie and all gathered up and went to the park, there was some crowd! We all knew we had to give it our absolute all today and we 110% did. I couldn't help but feel sad in the park just standing back with Lolly in my arms looking at the kids enjoying themselves and having so much fun with very little. We had all the kids up dancing and singing, playing games, blowing bubbles and painting nails. after being in the park a while we all went down to Stella’s and of course the kids came with us!!

Its Stella’s birthday when were back home so from some of the money we fundraised we got Stella a fridge and it was delivered to her house today. her face was priceless!!! she hadn't a clue what was going on. the fridge will not only benefit Stella but plenty of other people from the township because it will help store things for the food runs. Sadly it was time to go and we had to say are last goodbyes which is diffenently one of my weak spots, but I got myself threw it by telling myself I will be back one day and I am determent to make sure I will! Saying goodbye was hard but even harder saying bye to Lolly, Porsha and Amber, the past days in the township I had gotten super close to these three special girls and leaving them was something I was dreading!! On are way out of the township i had my head out the window taking in every last bit and memory i could, embracing everything waving and saying goodbye to anyone we passed. We had to get back on the road and head to Capetown. 3hours into the journey the car broke down. Well didn’t me and Jodie find this hauliours until we found out Perrie couldn't come to Capetown with us anymore, he had to bring the broken car home. The whole team was divested we really wanted him to come with us. He’s just brilliant the second he opens his mouth all your attention is giving to him he talks with so much meaning. so we had to say goodbye to perrie today which we didn't expect and was emonationl. Well anyway Willam had to come and get us and then we started driving again,

South Africa is amazing took to a whole new level and trying to explain the place in words is impossbible to give it even half the justice it desereves.The team has came so far since the first day, peoples confidence and self esteem has increased, goals have been reached and most importantly people have achieved things they didn't know they were possible of achieving, I'm proud to say that im in B2B 2015 as every last one of them is unbeilivable, leaders included. Africa has brought out the best in all of us. I have learnt to be confident, to many days are wasted comparing ourseleves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t,everybody has there own strengths and weaknesses and it is only when you accept that you will succeed. This place just gets you thinking so much about yourself and back home. be greatful for small things and big things, count your blessings not your proplems. this will be a experience I will never forget and i couldn't be any more grateful to get the chance to experience South Africa and be part of the B2B family, and I'm hoping are relationships that were made out here grow when were back home. We all walked this round together but with many different paths everyone experiences is different!!

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.

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