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Day Nine

Well it is day nine in South Africa-George and it has been one the best days of my life. Where do I start? Caitlin woke me and the rest of the B2B group up at half 7 and I couldn't be annoyed getting up I just wanted to keep lying in bed but then I was thinking today is the day. Dynesy said we need to be up and ready for 9:45 and we all thought it was half 8. So with the extra time I had I went and packed my suitcase because on Tuesday we will be leaving Blanco to go to Cape-town. I kept saying to myself it is the old peoples home today and I knew today was going to be a good day I was buzzing when I woke up I actually got some breakfast for once as I hate cereal but i was feeling a good buzz about today. I had a look outside to see what I could wear because the last couple of days it has been raining, it was sunny and it made me more happier to just see what the day had to bring. Knowing I was going to the old peoples home today was making me excited an just couldn't wait to get in there and give it my all. This trip to South Africa has been the best experience of my life and it isn't even over yet. Which makes me wonder what else is in store for the rest of the time we are here?

Today when me and the rest of the group got ready we were waiting a while but surely enough wasn't long before we were on our way. If anyone knows me, I am not patient one bit; and I made sure the group knew this this morning, I would have needed to be away by the time they said. I was itching with excitement but nervous because i never knew what to expect and i had to do my best today because of my Granda, he is in a home because he is too sick and I needed to change things back home because I never do go and see him as i tell myself I never have time or nothing for him and for me time is precious and I have never realised how much it actually is precious. Today was a brand new experience for me. when we arrived at the old peoples home everything was going through my head whilst i was waling through the door. I just couldn't think normally because it was a day that i needed to focus on and change a few things back home. It was an emotional day for me because it made me think and relate to back home. The home today was one the best experience throughout this trip so far because i felt it meant so much to me. Today many people touched my heart they were just so happy to see us there because most of their families don’t come to see them and that really got me to think because I wouldn't like no more not going to see my Granda in a home and not having no family to go and see him. The old people made us feel very special and they made us feel welcome and they were so happy because we were giving the out time which felt amazing for me and i couldn't keep my big cheeser of my face thinking how happy they were while we were there. it made me feel strong because there is things i need to put back in place back home with my family for example, going and seeing my Granda more often and sending more time with him because i know he would be happy for this, even through he wouldn't know. Within the whole home there was 97 people, 24 in the bottom building which there was 1 nurse for them and 4 carers and in the top building there was 37 people and 1 sister ad 5 carers if there was lots off old people sick they wouldn't get seen to straight away because there will be people waiting before them of them with more serious matters. The one thing that stood out to me today when we were walking around the home and I seen this women sitting in her room with 3 other people so Me Katie and Paul went in and i was talking to the women then after a while we noticed she started crying I didn't know what to do, so I give her a hug and when we kept saying we were going she kept crying to us she kept showing us her nails and Jodie already painted them for her but she wanted it done again. I spent more time with the lady and re done her nails and she had a big smile on her face and it made me so happy because she was happy and what they say is true a smile goes miles which is very true because today I noticed that myself.

At lunch time the nurse and the carers bought the food round and give it to people who can't eat so I helped them and gave them the food then i notice a man that didn't want to feed himself as he just sat there and never ate it so i walked over to him and helped him with his lunch. I felt good as I was doing it however when I was done I was wiping his mouth and I seen him getting aggressive then I seen him starting to kick his leg and he tired to kick me so I jumped out of the way, lucky enough he never got me because if he did i would have panicked. It was clear the man didn't know what he is doing and this relates back to my Granda because he doesn't know what he does and he would be a bit aggressive when he isn't in a good mood. Today in the old peoples home has helped me to make a change back home with my Granda when i get back to Belfast I want to go and see my Granda a lot more and spend time with him. By doing this it will make my mummy happy and the rest of my family happy.

After the home and jail Pierre brought us on one of his adventures and it was to the beach, the group didn't know where we were going and either did the leaders, well thats what they told us. So everyone didn't know what to expect or what we were going to do. When we arrived at the beach Pierre wanted us to do an activity so we got spilt up into two teams ,we had to go into the water at the edge were you could walk on a wall and had to carry one person in the water right over to where you can get out of it so the group picked Gerard Magee, don't know why they never picked a girl because it would have been lighter for everyone to carry. After we done this we had to pick three team members to swim from the side where the wall is to the other side and I went second and had to race against someone from the other team and it was hard because their was rocks and everything in the water so when I was running round to swim from side to side I slip on my BUM and everyone started laughing at me, I never stopped as I kept on going on and never give up because i wanted to achieve something as I hate sea water because of the feeling of it when you get t you fell dead tight and cant move. I achieve a lot by doing this because I was able to give a positive outlook when the rest of the team members wanted to give up. I was able to take on the leadership because I was so determined on winning and surely if you know me I love winning everything.

Well now time to start talking about BLANCO; When we were going into Blanco I was scared and didn't know what to do especially with the kids because i never spend that much time with my brothers as much as I should because I am so lazy and can never be annoyed with them ever which isn't nice because I should have all the time in the world for the both of them. In Blanco the place is amazing it made me think big time about back home and what I need to change because a lot of things on my mind needs changed. it has been me appreciate what I have and my mummy buys me. i should be grateful for it and I can never thank her enough. In Blanco over the last couple of the days has been amazing and has been outstanding it has learned me so much about myself that i never knew for example my confidents isn't that good i always feel wick when I have to start in big groups over here in Blanco I have really pushed myself to do my best and to achieve a lot with my confidents and gain more. I have really pushed myself out here in Africa and I have achieved a lot with my confidents and I don’t get scundered to talk now because I have gained more with my confidents throughout this trip. Last Tuesday in Golden Vally me and Sam were just out of the combi and i noticed this we girl wear all pink and she seen me and came running at me and Sam said to me that is Poppy. it made me

feel special because out of everyone in my group she came to me and she never went to anyone else. Me and Poppy got attacked and each day I seen her until out last day in Blanco was on Thursday it broke my heart because some one told me poppy went on holiday with her family and now i wont get to see her before I go. in golden Vally I got close to a couple of kids, i got close to Rihano and he was a we bit older than my brother Braxton when i was spending time with him i just couldn't get my brother out of my head it made me want to spend more tike with him when i get home because i know i can do it I just wanted to be lazy and not spend time with him it just made me think more about my brothers more because I never have time for them at all and this is one of my goals when I go back home to change I want to change the way I treat them and also spend more time with them. Also my mummy I have learned to respect her and not treat her like shit as I normally do. While being in the township we all met Henry, which was stella husband and he was so happy about us coming out and helping the township which meant a lot to him on the first day we were put up into teams and my team went round the back of his house to pull out all the weeds so we cold put seeds down for a vegetable garden for sterile for making for to the families that don't have that much or could afford food the food that was being provided was for families that were the most poorest in the township this made an impact to the people that are getting food provided food for their families because they need feed because they do not have no money to feed their families. One of the days in Golden Vally When I seen henry working away in the township he was fixing his fence i brought some chelsea tops and shorts for him that Alan give me and when I give them to Henry he thought was christmas he couldn’t believe it was for him, the smile on this face made me feel proud of myself and also made me feel happy because I put a smile on someone face. Blanco is one very special place.

Every night we do a debrief of every night these has made me really think about life back home and what i need to change when i go back. it has learned me a lot of different things about myself, I never knew i had much confident until i worked on it out here. I was until i came out here and worked on it i never shut up talking in front of the group now. i am going to set myself targets to achieve a lot more when I get home to make the experience better for me and get more involved in things to make my life better for the future.

Well tomorrow we will be heading into golden valley for the last time ever, unless i come back, the nerves are killing me with excitement to see everyone for the last time however, i will find it quite emotional because I got close to some of the kids and having to leave them will break my heart. After Blanco we are heading to cape-town for a few days which i cannot wait for. but as everyone has a picture in their head of South Africa it is never like that you will never knew until u experience it for yourself!!

Everyday above ground is a good day!

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