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Day Three.

So, here we go. Second day in Blanco and the group is more than ready to get stuck in once again! Up from 7.30 completely buzzing. 9.00am came and after a lot of games of turn around touch the ground to decide who got in the shower first and a big bowl of cereal we were ready to hit the road to our very own ‘special place’.

The group was so eager to get back into the township because of how amazing the day was before, although we had no clue what we we’re going in to do. Eventually the leaders told us the plans for today just 10 minutes before we had to leave. One group was going to continue the refurbishment to the park, another group was helping Stella prepare for the food drop and the final group which i was in went to the clinic to give out some soup and bread. And this is us. we’re here and were ready to do what we do best. A whole year of group work, a whole year of fundraising and a whole year of excitement for moments just like this.

Today i was a lot more settled because i knew what i was going in to, however two days are never the same and in Africa you never know what to expect. washed, ready, fed and raring to go. I couldn't contain my excitement knowing i was actually returning to a place such like it. Suncream,sunglasses and snapback on which we needed more than ever today as the weather was reaching well over 30’s! But i certainly was not complaining… yet anyway! There is no better feeling than jumping in to the combi with the group (which would literally remind you of the Scooby Doo mystery machine). All feeling the same feelings about that one place we all have in common but on so many different levels is unbelievable. As you drive up the hill to enter the township the feeling you get is crazy and i just cant put it into words. The kids spot the combi from a mile away and as soon as they see us they put whatever they're doing to the side and start to have a race to see who can catch us first. You would think someone just handed them a million pound by the looks on their faces. i felt famous sitting in the back of that combi today. I felt like we belonged there. Seeing their reactions made me emotional it showed that we must be actually doing something right.

We arrived at Stellas home to collect everything we needed for the clinic. as i was walking through the gates i was so happy to see my friend i made yesterday was standing their waiting for us. It was a little boy called Ano and he was around 2 years old. When i first met him it was yesterday in the park he helped me clean the rubbish lying around the park, danced with me and hugged me and just wouldn't leave my side. I got really attached to this little boy as i have a little brother back home not much older than him and even though I would be close with Jude i don’t spend that much time with him because of the age difference. Meeting Ano has made me realise whether you're rich or poor, white or black, old or young everyone needs to spend some time with someone who loves them, just some time alone to show them some attention and how much they mean to you. when i get back home i cant wait to give him the biggest hug and kiss ever and the same with my little sister Jade. Ano has so little but yet he gives everything he has to us and more. And thats what gets to me. i poured him some juice into a cup and he went to get another cup to pour the juice i gave him to share with me. Later that day we were walking around and he asked for me to sit him down so i done so, next minute i looked and he was away picking me a flower. I felt tears coming to my eyes as he walked over to me with the biggest smile on his face handing me it. How could someone so young be so thoughtful? Its true what they say those who have the least have the most to give.

After spending time with Ano i had to eventually leave him to go and do my work at the clinic but i was content knowing that i was going to see him soon. We pulled up outside the clinic and went around the back to get prepared for the patients coming to get some soup and bread. This happens every Tuesday and Thursday and the reason why this is done is because it helps fill their stomach and this helps their medication stay down. We then had to go inside the clinic to give some food out as their was some patients that couldn't walk or couldn't move incase they lost their spot. Seeing how many people were waiting in a line to see the doctor was crazy. to think we have so many doctors back home and its so easy to pick up the phone an make an appointment. its the smallest things like this that we take for granted. While doing the clinic their was a young boy there with his mummy and little sister. His name was Kaedo and he stood and watched us for ages then disappeared and came back again. He seemed shy so i took out my mini rugby ball and asked him if he wanted to play, he was more than happy to get involved. Nothing needed to be said but just a small game of rugby brought us together. When we were done and had to go back to the township he didn't want us to leave. You could tell he enjoyed our company. And i wont forget our short time we had.

We arrived back to the township and i was reunited with Ano. he was running about crazy as usual. As i was walking into Stellas home i walked past another toddler called Shani she was around 2 also. she was standing in the corner away from everyone else as she was shy. she was the most beautiful little thing i have ever seen. i went over and tried to talk to her but she just looked at me, i lifted her anyway. i then brought her into Stellas home and nursed her and made funny faces to try and bring her around a little but still got nothing back.

Time went by and it was our chance to do the food drop. The kids love getting involved in everything we do so it was only obvious they were going to follow us. i kept Shani in my arms because i didn't want her missing out because of shyness and i knew she would soon come around. i walked past a home and it was Shani’s mum standing at the gate, she asked me if Shani could come along with us and if i could look after her. I couldn't believe that this mother gave me the responsibility to look after her 2 year old daughter. Me, a stranger. However i stuck by my word and didn't let her out of my sight.Doing the food drop was so rewarding. seeing these peoples faces because they received some rice and chicken was amazing. Something we ARE entitled to but yet they feel so lucky to have. When we had finished we went back to Stellas, Shani had finally came out of her shell she was finally hugging me and smiling and making funny faces. it might have took her long to come around but she done it and i didn't stop until she did.

We then went up to the mountain to reflect on our day and tell each other how well we are all doing out here. its hard work so sometimes hearing a few good things about yourself that someone thinks of you is incredible. It motivates you to work that little bit more. We then finished of tonight with listening to Graces story which was inspirational, i wont get into that. Then our usual debrief just speaking about how today went etc. It was a lot more intense tonight in our debrief and were starting to miss home that little bit more and stuff so we shed a few tears but we've got each others backs out here and really our one big family!

Africa really is outstanding. You can try and paint as much pictures as possible just like i did but nothing compares to being here and seeing everything for yourself. its late now and i am rambling on so its bed time for me as I've a busy day ahead at the township tomorrow.

There is no such thing as a selfless good deed.



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