Pierce McConnell

Ardoyne Youth Club


Describe yourself in 3 words:
How did you get involved in B2B?
Interviews were coming up for B2B2014. I went for one, but wasn't selected for it. I heard in the Youth Club they were coming up again. I was going to go for another interview although this year they done votes and I was voted forward to go, without being interviewed.
What are you hoping to achieve?
To gain a better understanding of myself, challenges and to bring back the experience I gain and put it to use in my own community. 
What concerns might you have about the trip?
Spiders and Snakes
What will you miss most about home?
Family, Football and drinking while having amazing banter with my friends on a Saturday. 
What part of the trip are you most looking forward to?
Building further relationships with the group, getting into the township and helping. 
Favourite Song:
Aloe Blacc - The Man
Favourite Movie:
Coach Carter
Team Supported:
Manchester United FC
Favourite Singer:
Boyce Avenue
What Skills or Qualities do you bring to the group?
Sense of humour, Approachable, team-worker, trustworthy, helpful, good communicator and organised.
Favourite Food:
Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate and any Chocolate melted.