Jordan Best-Clarke

Age: 17
The thing you're most looking forward to:
What will you miss most about home?:
When in Africa ill miss the atmosphere of my friends and family constantly being around me and always being tortured by my we sisters to do their make up and my aunties and mummy to do there eye brows.
Belfast 2 Blanco
Who is always late to group?:
Who is the biggest spoofer in group, and what is their spoof?:
Megan Colhoun biggest spoofer on the team half the times shes late to group is every other excuse but the real one JOSH MATEER
Describe yourself in three words?:
Outgoing, Confident & Trustworthy
What makes your team unique?:
Our team is unique and the reason being is together we can make anything happen without any fuss or argument we are B2B 2020