Brian McCallum

Hammer Youth Club


Describe yourself in 3 words:
What concerns might you have about the trip?
Just something going wrong with the group.
How did you get involved in B2B?
Seeing the things that the other group did and made me want to do an interview and get there myself.
What are you hoping to achieve?
Better leadership skills and learn more about what I can do myself. 
What will you miss most about home?
My friends & family.
What part of the trip are you most looking forward to?
Working with kids and getting to know the group more. 
What Skills or Qualities do you bring to the group?
Positivity & Hardworking 
Favourite Song:
Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud
Favourite Movie:
Olympus has fallen
Team Supported:
The mighty Liverpool FC
Favourite Food:
Favourite Singer:
Ed Sheeran